33. Planes, Trains and Horseboxes

Blog 33 – “Planes, Trains and Horseboxes”

The offers for rides of show horses slowed down and eventually stopped but from time-to-time I was contacted by people wondering whether I might be interested in a horse with whom they were either struggling with or due to personal issues limiting their time and/or other resources needed to rehome.  Still was not ready for another horse I would politely decline and, where possible put people in touch with others who might be in a better position to take the horse on or offer help.

While still training with P.K. Verity and I not only audited a course in France we also travelled to Switzerland to do the same thing there – fabulous time, wonderful public transport, great venue, fab people and Verity found a new passion for bike riding while we were there!  While there I received an email one evening from a lady who had met me when I was invited to lecture at The Equine Clicker Conference.  She sent a picture and description of her 6 year old WB mare who was “too much horse for her”, saying she thought I’d be the right person for her and offering to give her to me.  There was something about the picture that made me pause before I sent my usual response, “Thanks but no thanks, where are you based in case I can direct someone in your area to you.”   She replied that the horse was near Carlisle, this is long way from me and we were currently between horseboxes having sold Mac’s as if had too many memories associated with it and awaiting delivery of its replacement.  We bounced a few more emails to and fro, including me asking her what was the closest train station before I emailed back to say that the timing was not quite right for me and I would keep my eyes and ears open for someone looking.

Verity and I enjoyed the rest of our trip and went home to continue with our lives.  On picking me up from airport Chris asked about our trip and, “What about that horse you’ve been emailing about.” 

“Oh, I said, she sounds nice, but I’m not ready yet, I’ll ask some of the horsey people from around there if they can help.” 

“She’s nothing like Mac.” said Chris. 

“No she’s not.”

“And you like mares.” 

“Yes, I do.” 

“And you asked about train stations.” 

“I did but I’ve got tomorrow and the next day at home, then I’m off to coach for two days in Norfolk and then….” 

“I looked up train prices and timetables, do you know it’s cheaper to hire a self-drive horsebox and buy the fuel for a there and back trip than go by train?”

“Is it?”

“Yes, so I’ve hired us a horsebox and booked a last-minute B&B close to the yard, we can drive up there tomorrow, have a night in the B&B and if we drive home with an empty horsebox at least we’ve had a nice trip away before you disappear to Norfolk.” 

“What about the animals, the horses and the yard?”

“It’s all sorted.”

So I checked in with the horses, cats and dog, emailed Lola’s owner confirming arrangements, we got a takeaway, loaded and unloaded the washing machine a few times and after breakfast the next day we went to meet Lola.

"My Girl Lolly Pop" published 1 June.

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