25. "Thanks but no thanks."

Blog 25 – “Thanks but no thanks”

Chris and Stacy (in the hat) look on ring-side at HOYS.  Stacy, a childhood friend, came to some competitions with us and was a great support until Chris took over as my "groom"
Before we lost Mac and as our reputation within the showing world grew I was offered other horses to compete.  

It was flattering to be asked and tempting to take up the offers of numerous Novices, Lightweights and Middleweights whose classes would not conflict with Mac’s and to make money as a “rider” - one of my former ambitions...

But if we had taken other horses too then I would need someone else, in addition to Chris, to prepare and work-in the horses while I was riding another in the ring - I loved that time with Mac and didn’t want it intruded upon. 
Click and Treat.
I am pleased that I found the strength to politely decline those offers.

After I lost Mac kind and genuine offers continued to arrive but I had already decided that I had had enough of the world of showing and it was time to move on to the next phase of our lives.

Next time, "Twisted, Twisted Truths" published 4th May.

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