1. Nothing, Something, Everything.

Blog 1 “Nothing, Something, Everything”

Historically, competing, riding with named trainers and writing published articles meant that family, friends and clients where regularly updated with news of successes, trials, tribulations and on-going progression.

Success in the ring, being among the “elite” accepted for training and articles bought publicity, brought new business and provided those who train with me a form of validation.

This never felt like an additional pressure and meant that I was never alone in my endeavours.

But for ethical reasons, I no longer compete. 

I have walked away from the “named” trainers due to conflicting belief systems and while I remain open-minded, I am yet to find anyone I want to expose my horses to for training or align myself with on a regular basis. 

Writing articles, once cathartic, even therapeutic, became a chore, because others dictated the dead-lines, the number of words and even the subject matter.

I am very happy with the choices I have made.  

But as someone with a reputation for pushing forward and constantly exploring new things I am frequently asked, both directly and indirectly questions along the lines of, “What’s happening for you and your horses now?” 

I’m really happy doing what I am doing, being who and I'm being and just hanging out (rather than doing “stuff”) with my horses.  

For me this Nothing is a really big Something, maybe it’s my Everything – for now.

Some people are motivated by rewards gained from sources outside of the activity itself, by prizes, money, qualifications or notoriety, often attained through comparison with others. This may be defined at being Extrinsically Motivated.

While being extrinsically motivated does not make anyone a bad person, it’s just not who I am any more.  Having said that, everybody, including me, does need to make a living and to be appreciated by others, so there remains an element of the extrinsic in me!

Intrinsic Motivation is about the feelings of enjoyment, excitement and self-worth brought about through the activity itself.  I am intrinsically motivated as a coach and by just being with the people and the animals that I love the most.

However I do feel the desire to share, to be part of and to nurture the very special community which, by happy accident, came about through opening or lives and Ashen Equestrian Centre 13 years ago.  

I don’t yet know whether this blog and future ventures into online videos will serve to help only me grow but if helps others to be ok with just “being” - being with yourself and your horses then it will have served its purpose.

Next time "Blissfull(?) Ignorance"  5th Feb, until then happy riding,

For more instructional resources please make use of my video downloads www.ashenec.co.uk

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  1. I have had the privilege of being taught by you for the past 12 years Becky. You have been instrumental in nurturing my own horsemanship journey to date. Your positive outlook, influence and ‘think outside the box’ approach has lead me to discoveries I never knew existed and the has developed my relationship that Ben and I, as well as my other horses Bailey and Grace all have together today. My only ideal was to be able to ride Ben in a way that did not impede him. That is a few lifetimes learning to go, but we have started and as the saying ‘in progress’. I have learnt so much from your honest open coaching and instruction. You yourself are always questioning, always learning and that I love about you. You understand what I go through with my own learning, the highs, the lows, the aaahh moments, the despair, the sense of failing even. You have supported me, encouraged me, challenged me all in an open, positive and honest fashion. I have come to trust your review and feedback with many different things, not just horsey related, but life related too. You listen and I really mean listen, you always respond in an honest open manner, positive always, wanting to bring Positive Reinforcement not just to horses but to people too.
    Your new ventures into cyberspace will be part of this journey I look forward to seeing unfurl for you. Perhaps I would selfishly want the rest of the world not to know about you then you will be exclusively for us who have already found you and Ashen Equestrian Centre. But you have a message to give, knowledge and understanding that all in the horse world will have the joy of learning. Bringing this knowledge and understanding to individuals and horses that will develop and deepen these very personal relationships beyond measure – just as I have said Ben and my own has developed. Ben has been my horse partner for the past 19 years. So we have both developed under your guidance and coaching and both he at the age of 26 plus and me at 60 will continue to do for as long as we both can. We still have much to learn, experience together and Ashen is our second home from home, with likeminded people who give additional support and encouragement.
    We are privileged to meet special people and find special places in our lives. You are one of those special people and Ashen EC. Is one of those special places. Long may you both continue. Shirley M.